How to Convert PDF to EPUB For Free on Window And Mac

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. In the years before, most of ebook published were in PDF format. However, with the coming of digital ebook reader, the most famous ones are Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, the market share of PDF publishing is gradually dropping, because it is can’t not be read well on eReader. On the contrast, EPUB is becoming more poplar among the digital publishing.

The EPUB format is an open eBook format recommended by The International Digital Publishing Forum. It is essentially a ZIP format. If you change its extension “.Epub” to “.zip”, the EPUB file becomes a true ZIP file which can be unzipped.

EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the EPUB-formatted book. The format is meant to function as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale.

EPUB has been widely adopted as the format for digital books (eBooks), all of the leading ebook devices support Epub as its main format. and these new specifications significantly increase the format’s capabilities in order to better support a wider range of publication requirements, including complex layouts, rich media and interactivity, and global typography features. The expectation is that EPUB 3 will be utilized for a broad range of content, including books, magazines and educational, professional and scientific publications.

Here is a step by step guide on how to convert pdf ebook to epub with free pdf to epub converter-Calibre.

Download the Calibre installer for your operating system, and install as normal. Calibre works on recent versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux. The Calibre installer is very streamlined, so the install process was quite quick.

Calibre is a great application for organizing your eBooks. It can automatically sort your books by their metadata, and even display their covers in a Coverflow-style viewer.

To add an eBook to your library, simply drag-and-drop the file into the Calibre window, or click Add books at the top. Here you can choose to add all the books from a folder and more. Calibre will then add the book(s) to your library, import the associated metadata, and organize them in the catalog.

Once you’ve imported your books into Calibre, it’s time to convert them to the format you want. Select the book or books you want to convert, and click Convert E-books.

Click Ok when you’ve finished choosing your settings and Calibre will convert the book. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the PDF. If the conversion seems to be taking too long, you can click Show job details for more information on the progress.

Now, back in the main Calibri window, select your book and save it to disk. You can choose to save only the EPUB format, or you can select Save to disk to save all formats of the book to your computer.

About Dotproject-a Guide For A New Entrepreneur

Project management is the most vital but often neglected aspect of your business. While the term project management conjures up the picture of complicated task—and surely it is—it can be managed with high level of efficiency if you know the tricks of the trade. In the software called dotProject you can find this trick—-the key to your project management success.

Here is a short description of DotProject to help you understand what it is.
DotProject is a Web-based project management application. It is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), which means dotProject is free to use.

It comes with a modular structure and multilingual feature—- It is translated into 17 languages.

Its comprehensive feature list includes modules for companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, a calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, user/module permissions, and themes.

Its modular architecture allows further addition of extra modules such as time sheets and inventory for enhanced functionalities.

Technology used in the software
The software uses the JavaScript and PHP as its Programming Language
It takes the Database support from MySQL.

DotProject can support your websites on an intranet, as well as on extranet environment.

How to install
DotProject is completely open source, and is supported by purely open source technologies. As such a Linux based web hosting service provider using PHP hosting and MySQL database management can add Dot Project in your web hosting control panel. Once installed, it will occupy not more than 2 MB size in your disc space.

As compared to its rival solutions, DotProject makes the BETTER CHOICE for two reasons:

1. A greater number of features
2. A more user-friendly interface.

So make sure to add the DotProject feature in your project management script and boost up your business with a flawless planning, smart execution and quality deliverance of tasks.

Tips to Pass Exam HP0-S17

Integrating and Managing HP BladeSystem also known as Exam HP0-S17 is meant for technologists who have a great knowledge in HP BlaedSystem. By passing this exam, you will be able to work as a HP Authorized Service Partner Systems Engineer, HP Solution Architect, HP Technical Client Consultant and other related positions. It is not easy to be a HP Certified Professional unless if you are put effort in it.

Before taking the exam, it is best for you to know the objectives of this exam so that you can expect the type of questions that might be asked. So, the objectives of this exam are;

Industry Standard Server Technologies and Solutions (5%)
HP Industry Standard Server Products and Solutions (9%)
Planning and Designing a Deployable Solution (13%)
Install, Configure and Upgrade BladeSystem Solutions (12%)
Performance-tune and Optimize Solution (18%)
Troubleshooting and Repair/replacement Procedures (12%)
HP Unified Infrastructure Management (16%)
Administrative and Operational Tasks (10%)
HP Service Offerings (5%)

Here are some of the basic tips for you to pass this exam.

1. Online Study Materials

There are a lot of online materials that are helpful in passing this exam. Do a lot of questions to improve yourself and at the same time preparing for the exam. Make sure that you review all types of questions before sitting for the exam.

2. Additional Study References

You will not be guaranteed with a passing mark if you rely 100% on the theory part. You need to gain extra knowledge by doing practical work. There are some additional study documents that are useful for you to refer such as Deploying HP ProLiant Servers, Using Rapid Deployment Pack 3.0, HP Systems Insight Manager v5.1, Foundations Windows/Linux 32569 and others.

3. Ask the Expert

You can always ask your senior IT experts if you face difficulties while doing your practical work. This will definitely accelerate your learning capability.

After knowing all these steps, get yourself ready with the HP0-S17 exam. Remember to plan for your exam few months ahead.

At the end, I’ll recommend you to prepare yourself using HP0-S17 exam pdf guide OR HP0-S17 practice exam with selftest engine software training tool developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.